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Recognize, reconnect and engage with your authentic self.


Listen deeply to your heart.


More than a workout--a work through.

Spiritual Mentoring

Cultivate the life you want to live.

Personalized Sessions

Overcome blocks to discover your true path.

Online Programs

Reach your fullest potential by breaking through barriers.

Corporate Classes

Bring out the best in your employees and elevate your business.

Yoga Educator

In-depth teachings on philosophy and mythology.

Wellness Speaker

10+ years of experience and study distilled into inspiring presentations.





It's time to take back control.


Make the first step with this mini meditation. It's FREE!


"Jenn is one of the most gentle souls I have ever met. She knows her craft well and easily transfers her knowledge to her students in a way that is calming and easy to absorb. I am so refreshed after every session that I have had with 'Zen Jenn’."


"I am very pleased with the experience, the results and the value. Jenn is a very friendly, patient, and competent teacher. She not only adjusts her mentoring to each person's abilities and needs, she also follows up with instructions for the on-going practice at home.  Her great mentoring has helped me in my fight with cancer and I highly recommend her services. I am continuing with my practice at home and will call on her again in the future."

Frank S.

"Before I took this workshop with Jenn I struggled with relaxation. Now I feel I’m digging deeper into the real me I can be and the practice I tend to study. After the workshop I feel relaxed, cool, and calm."

Shannon E. Hall


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